Linking multiple protobuffs (import)

I’m trying to link both protobuffs with importing other proto.

I imported proto files into postman, and trying to link proto files with 'import /.proto ’ like below photo. (common/common.proto)

in java it worked. But in postman, I got error whcih can’t read common.proto file. but I already imported common.proto file like below photo.
I tried to import like common.draft , common.draft.proto , common/draft.proto, common/draft and etc with combinations of comman, draft, proto .

how can I import other proto file from other proto file in postman?
plz help me.

same problem, were u able to figure this out?

We are working on adding support for importing multi-file Protobuf definition as Postman API, no ETA just yet.

But, for testing your gRPC APIs… check if setting import paths fixes your issue.