Automatic import of proto files in bulk

I’ve tried to switch to Postman as I’ve had good experience with it at work in past and I’ve noticed it started supporting gRPC couple months ago.

However, my main issue is that I am using Postman for testing, rather than development and as such I am a consumer of protofiles from my team… and there is no way to import easily proto files in bulk whenever I get updated versions from my team.

So, while I believe Postman as much more convenient features, they are useless to me as the most basic thing is very difficult to do and I have to stick with Kreya that can’t update my protofiles definitions on demand by pressing one button.

All just by having proper setup of paths to proto files and solved their root folder. So I can just pull from git, press reimport and I have it ready.

Any idea if Postman is planning to have something similar or it will stick to its one by one proto file style?