OpenApi import with multi-file support

I’m am trying to import in Postman an API in OpenApi v3 format. I can do that with a single file and then generate a collection, but i cannot import a folder containing various yaml/json files.
In post it is said that in the future there will be such support, are there any news regarding that ?
Is there any other way to import multiple files belonging to a single OpenApi api ?



Hi @luca.rospocher,

Welcome to the Postman community! :tada:

As far as I can tell we are pretty close to have it implemented!

This doesn’t mean it’ll be available in the app straight away but you can expect it to be in future releases. Make sure to check the changelogs. :wink:

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I see that this has been released for the openapi-to-postman plugin.

Will there be any support for multiple files to be imported using the normal Postman UI?


Yes, I am looking for this feature as well. Please advise on when this will be released to the Postman app.


@arlemi is there any chance of an answer to this?


Hey @PodgeB @zentropy1122 !

You should be able to do it from the app (make sure you’re up to date) by clicking Import > Import Folder.

Awesome thanks I’ll test it out and reply later. Thank you for your reply

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Hi @arlemi, I’m having trouble importing my OpenAPI spec with Postman 7.31.0. It’s split into multiple files. Here’s a generic example of what I’m trying to import. I have two files, openapi.yaml:

openapi: '3.0.0'
  title: My API
  version: '1'
    $ref: 'dummy.yaml'

and dummy.yaml:

      description: 'OK'

in the same folder. I try to import that folder using Import Folder in the UI, and I get a collection with no requests (I expect one, “GET /dummy”). the only thing that is imported is the name of the API from info.title. What am I missing? My actual spec is much more complicated and works fine with e.g. openapi-generator.

Note: the multifile example I’ve seen posted has $ref under paths, but that is invalid according to the spec and my tooling doesn’t support it.

Looking forward to your reply. -Luc

I have the same issue. Postman do not import OpenAPI saparated to mutiple files. No content from another file is created.

This is not working for me with swagger 2 files. Is there a workaround?

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