Is the newman cli tool abandoned?

I’m currently setting up Postman in our CI/CD with newman, and I’ve noticed that it been a year since the last release.

Looking at the issues, I see exactly the same request I am looking for - Feature Request: cli-show-summary option · Issue #2888 · postmanlabs/newman · GitHub - being able to get a report at the end, while suppressing the general output.

It doesn’t seem like anyone at Postman is really maintaining it and it’s a shame.

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Hi @tanep

Newman is open-source and will rely on input from the development community to build and maintain.

Postman have their own Cli now which is closed-source, so it’s unlikely that devs from Postman will work on the open-source runner.

The last commit was only 4 months ago

I’d guess there won’t be a release until there is enough to release.

Do comment on the GitHub issue though and if you feel confident enough, have a go at writing the code / raising a PR.