Postman CLI Reporting Support via Azure Pipelines

With Version 11 and the introduction of the Package Libraries we are very exicited to start using the Package Libraries.

Currently we run >7000 Requests (~40 Collections, located in 4 different Workspaces in Postman), through Azure pipeline for our Automation in Lab and Staging Envioronments.
We are currently using Newman and a junit reporter which outputs the run results in json which is then convered to XML which we then use to populate a the results in Azure.

Unfortunatly Newman doesn’t support Package Libraries and it seems that Postman CLI doens’t support the "-r) switch to run reporters.

So we are in a fix…

Trying to glean test results out of the Postman UI is not a viable solution.

If anyone has a solution to getting the results of a Postman CLI Run through an Azure Pipeline It would be Greatly Appreciated
We currently use this plugin to run newman image
and this is the reporter we use:
If we could get this reporter to run for Postman CLI, we would be in Great Shape.

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Hi @allen888.

Postman CLI currently does not support plugins or exporting of run results like newman does. This is something we’re well aware of and are looking into providing soon.

Hi Gbadebo Bello,
Thank you for your quick response.

Is there any anticipated time frame on when this support might be available?

The lack of this ability is blocking us from moving to full use of Postman CLI, Package Libraries and potentially upgrading our subscription level.


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Hi @allen888.

I’m unable to share an ETA at the moment, but we’re looking into this internally and I’ll do well to update this thread when I’m able to communicate an ETA for it being available.