Move all your collections to a single collection

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I created a postman public collection that can be used to move multiple collection to single collection, Thanks to @dannydainton and @sean.keegan for the idea :grinning:

:gift::gift::gift: collection link : Postman

just goto to request inside the โ€œrun this in collection runner folderโ€ goto the pre request and edit the API key , and the collection list with the UUIDs of the collection you want

Then just run the folder in collection run , and manually send the download request and goto visualize. Here you can download the new collection json :raised_hands:

you can provide the workspace name also to where you need to create the collection automatically

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This is super cool! Could you share some insight on how this affects the data exchanging process process speed across requests? In other words, how does it affect space/time complexity considerations?

Or does this optimization impact data accessibility in an insignificant way?

Thanks so much :slight_smile:

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Nice! Thanks a lot. butโ€ฆ what about the inverse of this? is it possible?

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Ya can try the same , I will try to implement one ,:heavy_heart_exclamation: