Integration with GitHub and GittHub actions

Hi guys,
Sorry for a silly question here …
I can’t integrate my collection with a github repo to add it to github actions.
What I did:

  1. Created a reepoin a Github
  2. Generate a token on a github
  3. Pasted that token on a Collection / Authorization / Bearer Token
  4. I was able to add github credentials on a API folder, but it looks it is something different
    And it looks like maybe I did something wrong because the option to do a push is disabled on a Collection level

Hi @NataliaMerkulova

The orange dots at the top suggest you have not saved changes.

This could potentially stop you pushing, as if there are no changes, there is no reason to update the repo.

Try saving everything.

Hi @w4dd325 , it didn’t help…
On API folder i have another collection (I checked on Definition) and I am able to push it, maybe I need to add somehow my collection to API folder ?

@w4dd325 Hey James, I found the issue, I didn’t add the collection to API version :slight_smile:
Will try to add github actions to the project :sweat_smile:

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