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I am trying to integrate my workspace with a github repository to backup one of my collections. I authenticated successfully using github classic personal access token. Under Configure, I am able to choose my postman collection, the github repository (private) and once I choose my repo, I immediately get an error saying I cannot fetch the branches.
Please can you help me on this.


Hi @supply-observer-3353 !

I’m thinking that GitHub permissions can be the cause of this problem. Let’s see if we can figure this out :slight_smile:

  1. Permissions on Personal Access Token (PAT): Ensure that your GitHub Personal Access Token has the required permissions. For Postman’s GitHub integration, your token should have permissions for repo (which includes public_repo, repo:status, repo_deployment, public_repo, repo:invite, security_events, and full control of private repositories). If it doesn’t, consider creating a new PAT with the necessary permissions.
  2. Organization Permissions: If your repository belongs to an organization (and not a personal account), ensure that third-party application access restrictions are not blocking Postman. You may need to either:
    • Whitelist Postman from the GitHub organization’s settings or
    • Check if your organization’s settings restrict third-party integrations.
  3. Webhooks & Services: If your repository was created a long time ago, it might be using an old integration method called Services which is deprecated. Ensure that you’re not using Services and instead, are using webhooks for integration.
  4. Network Issues: Sometimes, temporary network glitches or issues with the GitHub API can lead to such problems. It might be worth trying after a while or from a different network.
  5. Clear Integration and Re-integrate: As a general troubleshooting step, consider disconnecting the GitHub integration from Postman and then setting it up again.
  6. Check Postman Console & Logs: Open the Postman console before you try to integrate. If there’s an error while fetching branches, it might be logged there, providing more details on the problem.

If you’re still facing this issue after trying all of the above, it might be a good idea to contact Postman Support directly and share any error messages or logs you have.

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Hi @kevinc-postman ,

Thanks a lot for your detailed response. The issue is now fixed as I missed to authorize my PAT before access as it is a mandate in my organization settings.


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