Github integration only has option of "

I login to Team workspace, and try to implement the backup with github from Postman.
Issue I am facing:
I am only able to see the github integration option listed as:
“Sync API schema” But not able to find “Backup your postman collections” Option.
See screenshot below:

Which isn’t the same as this article described.
Am I missing something?

Hi @wendy1

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We have recently revised our plans and as per this, for free teams only - Syncing API Schemas on GitHub is available with a free Postman account. Back up your collections to GitHub is available on Postman Team, Business, and Enterprise paid plans. This link here should help you know more about the same.

thanks! the document is out dated and it’s very confusing to figure out this underlining changes!

Hi @wendy1! Apologies for any confusion. The docs were actually recently updated and you should see a little note at the top of the page clarifying the availability of these features, so hopefully future readers will have a better understanding. :grimacing:

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