How do you add GraphQL collections to API integrations

Hi I have followed this article Integrate Postman with GitHub | Postman Learning Center to add GitHub integration so that postman changes can go through peer reviews which is working for our REST APIs however I can’t find how to add our GraphQL collections.

Hey @michael1 :wave:

There are still some limitations around the usage of non HTTP Collections within the platform.

Along the same lines as this question, that was raised last week:

There is work happening in the background to make this non HTTP Collections work in the same way but this is still ongoing and there isn’t currently any timeline available.

@danny-dainton Thanks for the reply.

Are you aware of any workarounds to get GraphQL requests into git? I can’t even see an export option.

I briefly touched on some of those missing features, in my response to the topic I posted.

There isn’t a way to currently do that from the app.

So can it be done in the browser then?

Probably the wrong words to use there. :sweat_smile:

The functionality to do those things, is not currently part of the Postman platform.

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