Improve Search In Runner

I don’t know where to leave suggestions but I have one.

We take advantage of creating branches for our code review process when dealing with postman. Because of this, we have quite a few collections that are forks of a main collection. When we want to run that collection for a particular branch, it is a bit of a pain trying to find the collection fork to run tests against.

Currently the search field in the runner searches based off of the name of the collection and its folders. Could we get it to search by the name of the branch as well?

This means we could quickly find the collection for a particular branch when want to run the tests for that collection.


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Hi @Kinson

Welcome to the community :wave:

Yes, currently only collections are searchable in Collection runner. Although not accurate but we do have a feature request on similar lines:

Please add any additional comments on the thread that might help our engineering team to consider the same for the name of the branches as well. In any case, you are free to submit a new feature request for this on our GitHub tracker- thank you in advance for the inputs : )