Idea 1: Newman Request

I’m Nimit Savant, a sophomore at Navrachana University.
I want to contribute to the Issue and want to know more about this issue.

Currently: I’m installing Newman from scratch and trying to figure out things.

Help: The issue asks for making a Newman adaptable for making single requests.
Does this mean single CRUD requests to a particular URL?

Thank You!

Thank you so much for reaching out.
Do check this out newman/ at develop · postmanlabs/newman · GitHub

@utkarsh.maheshwari @pranav-singhal @raghav.garg do assist


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Thanks, @Sharath_Iyengar for reaching out to me.

Hello, I’ve been researching and found curl-to-postmanv2, postman-collection SDK as a solution for making single requests through Newman request .
Also, I’ve few questions

  1. The third outcome from the idea was “If the user is logged in, the request should show up in Postman app’s History in the sidebar.” if the user was logged in Newman?
  2. Do we just have to change the command from curl => Newman request and all other options the same?
    “curl --location --request GET '” => “newman request curl --location --request GET '
  3. Is there a tutorial for curl-to-postmanv2.

Thank You


  1. Yes. During the previous GSoC, ability to login was added to Newman.
  2. Yes. This would allow for a very easy transition to Newman from curl.
  3. I’m afraid not. But it’s open source! Use the source, Luke!
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Hey @utkarsh.maheshwari
Thanks for the reply.

Final Commit from Narayan Pai
The “newman login” feature is still in feature/login and not on the develop branch.
So should I make a new branch keeping the head to feature/login?

@mnimitsavant I think we can keep the two separate for now. We can complete the work for sending a single request based on develop and later, when we get to the part of integrating with Postman app’s History, we can use the changes in feature/login

Oh sure.
Thank I’ll take both problems separately.

Also there already a feature/request branch.
Should I consider making the head from the same or trying to use those same functions in my code.

The feature/request branch is a POC for the Newman Request. You are free to use it or take inspiration from it. :slight_smile:

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Hey, @utkarsh.maheshwari
Thank you for the reply.
I had this idea what if we import curl cli in newman and pass all parameters into curl cli from Newman. A callback function assigned to curl the response and converting it into the custom reporter. This would also allow us to use all curl args and options.

What do you think about this approach?

Also, @utkarsh.maheshwari do I’ve to solve some issues before drafting a proposal?
Can I show different open source contributions to other repositories for:

  1. Community engagement and contribution
  2. Quality of code writing

We look at the community contribution in general and wrt postman community but if the idea is strong and there is enough proof of contribution to the open source community coupled with skill of writing good quality code, then we could consider it.

Its subjective to be honest but community contribution does play an important role.

@utkarsh.maheshwari – please do add your views


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Thank you for replying @Sharath_Iyengar.

@Sharath_Iyengar @utkarsh.maheshwari
Will it be possible for the Postman team to provide a review of my proposal by tomorrow.
I’ll submit it by today 6 PM.
I’ve done my research and compiling everything took some
extra time.

I’m happy to have researched for an amazing project :smiley: and want mentors to take a review
for my approach and steps. :innocent:

Gist from Narayan Pai which quotes the sync feature is under development. I would like to work on its implementation, which helps this Idea 1 in further stages.
This will further help more features on the repo to bee released soon eg: login/logout
Can someone send me a link to the resource?

Thank You

I’ve sent/shared the link: Proposal for Idea1 to
I would request mentors to share their reviews.
@utkarsh.maheshwari @pranav-singhal @raghav.garg @Sharath_Iyengar

Thank You Postman Team for constantly helping out.

Hey, @utkarsh.maheshwari @pranav-singhal @raghav.garg @Sharath_Iyengar for helping me out through the process of refining my document.
I was no selected but yet learned a lot. This was a very good experience for me :smiley:

Ps: While I know its tough to share feedback with individual participants, if possible can you share more feedback on my application.

Thank You Postman Team :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Thank you but unfortunately we can’t share individual feedback but stay involved in the community and look forward to your contributions as GSoC is just one platform and we have always been community first.

Looking forward to some amazing contributions from your end and feel free to always drop a note here.

Cheers and stay safe