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I am Raghav Bhatia, undergrad student from BITS Pialni. I want to apply for GSOC 2021 with Postman. I saw Idea list and one of the ideas is to create newman request .

Goal is Replacing curl with newman request in a curl command should run the send the request using Newman.

I have carried out a proof of concept to create newman request according to following expected output:

  1. Users can send a single request with Newman and show the request/response using a reporter of their choice.
  2. Replacing curl with newman request in a curl command should run the send the request using Newman.

This is the link to my PR: (Newman Command for Single Request by raghavbhatia336 · Pull Request #2657 · postmanlabs/newman · GitHub)

Github Issue : #2548

While researching about the topic, I feel one of the best solutions would be to get all curl options from the command and and create a Postman collection through curl-to-postmanv2.

Here is how i plan to implement it:

  1. Add a new command newman request
  2. Newman request will invoke a newman.request() function with curl options and newman run options. (To be done)
  3. It will pass curl to curl-to-postmanv2 convert function, and create a Postman collection with single item (To be moved to configLoaders )
  4. Use created postman collection and newman options to run the request using postman-runtime

Let me know if this approach looks good to you. @Sharath_Iyengar @hannah.neil can you please connect me with the GSoC mentor for this project since I am already long way through the POC and I have got a thumbs up from Shamasis Bhattacharya for the same. I would like to discuss my ideas with the GSoC mentor and get them reviewed.

My email ID: raghavbhatia05@gmail.com