I run a POST request in POSTMAN with 3 query Params and get a 404 error. How do you fix not found error?

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My question:
I am trying to run a simple Maven Project using eclipse as an IDE. I want to run a POST requirest using localhost:8080/persons. Everytime I restart the apache server and send a POST request in POSTMAN, the error message comes back saying not found and 404. I am trying to send 3 queryParameters.

Details (like screenshots):

How I found the problem:
I found the problem rerunning the Maven application multiple times and trying a POST request to test it out. I keep getting the same error message in the body.

I’ve already tried:
I tried localhost:8080/person in my chrome web browser, it gives me WhiteLabel error 404. Is there any articles or things to try for a solution so I do not get this error?

Hi @kirkish.2

Not sure this will fix the problem but the orange dot in the tab at the top means you haven’t saved your changes;


If you look on the left menu list it is still showing as a GET request.

Save it and try again, then let us know if you still have the issue.