Need Help with Day 04 of 15 Days Challenge for Testers

Hi everyone,

I’m participating in the 15 Days Challenge for Testers, and I’m encountering an issue on Day 04 that’s been puzzling me. I’ve followed all the steps as described, and Days 01, 02, and 03 worked perfectly fine for me.

However, on Day 04, instead of receiving the expected 200 response, I’m consistently getting a 404 Not Found error. I’ve double-checked my setup and made sure to follow the instructions accurately, but I’m still unable to resolve the issue.

Could someone please assist me in troubleshooting this problem? Any insights or guidance would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance for your help!

Best regards,

Anju R

Hey @joint-operations-a31 :wave:

Can you share the full Public Workspace URL please, it make it easier to debug issues :pray:

Thanks for responding! Here’s the full Public Workspace URL: Postman

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The baseUrl should be the Postman API and not the postman-echo server:

It’s always good to make use of the Postman Console (Button in the bottom left menu) to check what is actually being sent in the request.

The solution you provided resolved the issue. Thank you for your assistance!

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