POST request -- Errors out saying 404 Not Found

Hi Community,

I am trying out Postman for the first time, none to little idea about it. I am trying to send a POST request and get response back using Desktop version and I am hit with response 404 Not Found.
I have had look at my settings and to my knowledge they look fine.
It would be great if I can get some thoughts on how to get past this roadblock.

I got the URL from

Ok Community, Got the problem sorted, I read somewhere that console will show actual errors and then I realized I cant see console in web version, So I thought installing Desktop version would help. So installed it and then tried sending request, On console I could see error with unexpected char ., tidied up the request in Body by removing unexpected char and then sent request. Bam! My response is here.

Hi @smitavh

You should see the console in a browser too… see my screenshot of Postman in Chrome. (It’s located in the bottom left corner).