I LOST all my environment variables on my first sign in!

I’m currently speechless, and not sure what, where or who to complain to! I just lost all my environment variables on my first sign in and sign out.

The SYNC?! Yes, it sync-ed my collections, but not my environment variables!!!

Now great, I have them all lost and no where to find it!! I’m pissed off and not going to use the login feature anymore!!! Months of works just gone!!!

Please DO NOT delete our local data on sign out!!!


Hi @kimman.wong

I can understand your pain now, losing moths of work.

We are constantly trying to improve our systems listening to feedback. Could you help us here by giving a little more detail into what exactly happened here so we could prevent such incidents in the future?

From your message I am guessing you had collections and environments in your Postman app before signing in. You signed in to your account and then signed out immediately before your environments were fully synced. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

Was syncing finished before you signed out?

Also, we show a warning that signing out will delete all your data. However in this case I can see that the messaging did not convey what would happen to unsynced entities clearly.

We’ll see how we can improve the workflow for signing out when some of the entities have not fully synced.

Please let us know if we have missed any details.

Hi Kamalaknn,

I wasn’t sign in and out immediately. I do have 10+ collections of APIs and 10+ environment variables set in the past few months.

I stay signed in for at least 15 mins, while I’m discovering the features (exclusive for member) in postman app and also in the web. I believe 15 mins is more than enough for all the text data to be fully synced. My collections was all there, but none of my environment variables.

There is neither any other information that I’m able to provide on this matter, nor I did anything extra other than creating new team workspace and share some requests during the sign in exploring period.

I’m aware of the warning during sign out. But, it was my mistake to trust the sync and I didn’t fully back up my local data first before I sign out.

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Same here.
When I launched Postman after some weeks not used, I was informed I was no more logged in and invited to log in again. I tryed to log in with my Google credentials, but this lead to an error 500 (oops…). So I used the possibility to create a Postman user with my Gmail email (same Google user) and create this user.
When logged in, the env variables of the last collections were empty. Those for older collections were still with values.
Is there any means to recover my newest env variables values?

Thanks in advance for your answer.

Same happened to me today. All global vars I had accumulated are lost.
After happily working locally for months, I signed up for the service because I wanted to try the Inceptor feature. Now the globals are gone.

Came to this forum now and found that this issue is known since more than a year.

Moreover, when I sign out, Postman removes everything I had available locally before. (I guess this part is “expected behavior”, though not what I had expected!)

All this did not exactly increase my sympathy for this product.

Are there any plans on fixing that @kamalaknn ?

Still happening.

It didnt warn me when i signed up that i would lose all my globals. This is a terrible user experience, please fix it