Collections moved after update 10.18.x

I did export however I got an empty set. I logged in and didn’t see the data. How to get them ? where are they stored ?

Hey @honac19120 :wave:

Did you not see a Migrate Data option, to bring the data from Scratchpad to a Workspace?

For me on macOS the following worked out:

  • Create new Workspace

  • Click Import

  • In the prompt click on “files” button

  • Select a backup file from when last time you worked with Collections. Backup files are located in /Users/<your_user>/Library/Application\ Support/Postman

so so much thanks man, Thanks for the solution

we should show a small window showing a alert as part of this update to all user
as many peoples facing the same issue.

I lost my collections too and I don’t know how to bring those back. I lost hours of work I don’t even want to think about it. I can’t find any local files. Can someone help me please?

Have you tried to either to Migrate the data from Scratchpad into a Workspace or used the Export option?

These can be accessed via the Settings > Data section.

In order to Import the data into Postman, you’re going to need to Sign In.


I lost all of my collections also. I was working locally on Windows and was not using ScratchPad. I tried looking for them. I found “Users[myusername]\Postman” but it was empty except for an empty “files” sub-directory. Please tell me how to restore my collections so I can import them into my online workspace.

UPDATE: I did find "Users[myusername]\AppData\Roaming\Postman" with multiple sub-directories, several of which appear to be “databases”. Is this where my missing collections might be?

Please help!

Gracias idiotas por cambiar todo y hacerme perder todo. Sigan asi, asi se hace.


Hey all :wave:t2:,

Are the options listed here not working for folks, who have moved from Scratchpad to a Workspace?

Yes, the Migrate Data did work for me.

However it showed this message although it seems everything was correctly restored but I cannot be sure since I have tons of data


I DO NOT suggest to click “Try again” because it will duplicate all data already imported… and then will show the same message.

I would send an email to but what info should I include?


If you include all the information that you have posted here, that will be very useful. :heart:

If any additional information is required, the team will let you know. :pray:t2:

I had the same condition. I found the backup files in the folder C:\Users\admin\AppData\Roaming\Postman. The files, there were some, are named like backup-2023-09-18T08-00-30.744Z.json. I created a collection and restored the json file created the day before Postman was update. This way I got my collection back.


@santiapostoli Many thanks! I missed those in my searching. I was focusing on the multiple sub-directories and completely overlooked these! Thanks again!!!

Well, POSTMAN used to be a very nice tool - with this move I will never use it AGAIN!
Just losing all my local collection before a meeting with customer. Standing in the rain and then being forced to do thing - bullshit - absolut bullshit.


Adam, have you went through this process of migrating your data?

Does that solve your issue?

unfortunately, only the history of the last few days remains

How do I export old local client Collections and Environments to JSON?

Now that I was updated to 10.18, I don’t have access to my local Collections and Environments from the old local client.

/System/Volumes/Data/Users/your_domain_login/Library/Application Support/Postman/

Thank you. Very helpful. It’s good that Postman does backup (I didn’t even know about it). I have recovered the files. Thanks to the Postman team for coming up with the idea of doing backup. By the way, I found the path to the backup file through Double Commander, otherwise I wouldn’t have seen it through a regular Finder.

I am having the same problem only that I signed in to my desktop app with an account that I have. Now I cant find any local backups. Anyone able to recover their collections after signing in ? I am using Windows.

Bump. Posted another thread about it. The latest update on MacOS in fact erased all collection data. There are no backups at all in the application support folder.