I don't understand how to set an environment for Bitget in postman?

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My question:
This is the collection that I’ve tried to set an environment for it
Thank you so much


Details (like screenshots):

How I found the problem:
The error are :
“code”: “40003”,
“msg”: “Signature cannot be empty”,
“requestTime”: 1675348768048,
“data”: null

and another one is timestamp they have shown that can not be empty.

I’ve already tried:

I don’t think anyone here is going to be able to help you without reading the API documentation to see what the API needs. Which I doubt anyone is going to do if you didn’t provide a direct link to the documentation (which usually includes examples).

Going on the error message you have reported, the request probably needs a signature, probably as a header or in the body of the request.

As for the timestamp. I can only reiterate to read the API documentation.

Read the documentation and hopefully it will have an example which shows you how to set the signature (and the timestamp). The signature probably comes from your account when you signed up to the API.

The fact the supplier has provided an example Postman collection should be a good starter for 10.

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Thank you so much.as a trader I have to improve myself by learning a new thing. base on my little knowledge of programming, a lot of new things I’ve to go through.

I would advise to take a step back, as there is a lot of learning needed before you get to the point where you can understand API’s.

Some of the core concepts you need.

  • JavaScript (the Postman pre-request and tests tab also use JavaScript)
  • Data standards like JSON and XML.
  • API’s come next.
  • I would also recommend the ISTQB Foundation in Testing. (Whether you are a tester, developer or whatever role).

The main thing with API’s and getting that first request working on a new API, is to read the documentation and understand the examples. The examples should hopefully explain how the authentication works and what headers are needed. As anything in the world, you get good and bad documentation.

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Thank a lot sir. Need a lot of knowledge.It’s not an easy task.Will follow your guidance.