In Collection Runner the response body is empty but when I manually send the request the response is correctly received

Hi. I am new to Postman and I have the following issue:

In order to attach a document into an app, I send 2 request: one which responds with a code(number) which is used in the second request.
When I manually perform the requests (one after the other, by pressing Send) the first request gives a body response (a number) which is used successfully in the next request.

When I run these requests in the Collection Runner, the first request responds with an empty body: “Response body unavailable” (

Here are my requests:
First one:

The second request parameters, where I use the tempID variable:

Did anybody encountered this issue?

Dear Monica,

from what I see in your requests, you are parsing the response body as JSON, but it does not look like JSON to me.

I would just save the response body to the variable, like this:

postman.setEnvironmentVariable("tempID", pm.response.text());

or using the new syntax:

pm.environment.set(“tempID”, pm.response.text());