Can anyone help me make this postman api integration? please

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My question:
I have api integration, but I can’t understand how to make it in postman, please help me

Details (like screenshots):
API doc : LineBank_API_spec_DebitCardDev_201111.pdf - Google Drive

How I found the problem:

I’ve already tried:
I already tried, but still error T.T

Hi @satellite-administr3

Your headers are plain text but the documentation says they need to be base64 encoded;

You could do this in the “PreReq” tab using;

let myVal = pm.collectionVariables.get("string");
var encodedData = btoa(myVal);

“string” would be set as a collection variable with the following string of data (taken from the example doc, change to your values as appropriate);

{"globalId":"20190131GIBLnbPTGLBS000000000701","langCd":" EN","sysCd":"PT","instCd":"1234", "ipv6Adr":"",



Hi @w4dd325 thanks for response

I tried but still error, can you tell me where is the problem?

Good one @w4dd325, @satellite-administr3 referring your screenshot there is issue with pre-request script. Can you share your pre-request script?

@sahuvikramp is is my pre-req :

let myVal = pm.collectionVariables.get(“string”);
var encodedData = btoa(myVal);

@satellite-administr3 looks like variable value is not available, please try saving your request and give it a shot.

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I tried still error :sob: @sahuvikramp @w4dd325

can you share full this postman script? @w4dd325

The “full script” is everything i shared in code above.

A variable with your params
and then the pre-req script.

Can you share what you tried with screenshots and the output in console?

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There was an error in evaluating the test script: TypeError: Cannot read property ‘toString’ of undefined

I managed to recreate your error by “not saving the variable”.

Make sure you have saved the changes before submitting the call.

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