File is undefined in form data postman

The bug:
file is undefined in form data postman.

and sometimes i got this error “Form param file, file load error: PPERM: insecure file access outside working directory” from the postman’s console

i’ve done
1. add this code in my express js code

or the body-parser package

i’ve also tried using another api url made with golang (the api was working fine in my friend’s computer) but still doesn’t work in mine.

2. switch this setting and change the directory.

the request body from postman form data file is still undefined

App information
postman 10.24.24
windows 10

Hi @technical-physicist2. Welcome to the Postman Community!

There is a warning icon to the left of the uploaded file in your screenshot. What do you see when you hover on this warning icon?

Sorry for the late reply.

here’s the warning

i did upload the file and still got undefined


i just didn’t realize that the key from form data was not matched.

it seems like the file request body on console postman will be always undefined. So the file is sent to the BE even though the file on postman’s console is undefined.

i’m so sorry for making this topic, it was a human error. :sweat_smile:

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Haha. Human errors are humorous.

I’m glad you’ve been able to resolve the issue!

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