I accidentally moved a personal workspace to me team. How can I move it back to personal

I need to move a workspace that was accidentally labeled as team back to being a personal workspace. As far as I can tell there is no way to do this, as the team/personal toggle switch is blocked currently.

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@Whersh – There isn’t a way to migrate an workspace from team to personal. A workaround would be to share any/all of the collections in the team workspace to a personal workspace. Once that’s done, you can either delete the team workspace entirely or remove each collection.

I’ve opened a feature request on our Github repository to add the ability to toggle workspaces from personal <–> team after they’re created.


Thank you very much!

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There is another, easier way to migrate everything back to personal workspace using the Postman API

Unfortunately, history will be lost as it was transferred to the team workspace as well.

As others have said there is no way to move a workspace from team to personal. You can move the collection as @Chris has shown. Or if you have a large number of collections you can move all of them as below.