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Only one Iteration!
I have a problem when generating HtmlExtra. My scripts show duplicate in the reporter

I have 7 test scripts. However, Htmlextra shows 14 tests

in htmlExtra show:

14 tests in total.



                           test Information

|Resposta contem tipo de cartao como Crédito|2|0|0|
|Resposta deveria Nao vir vazio |2|0|0|
|Status code is OK |2|0|0|
|Tipo de pessoa Fisica |2|0|0|
|valida dados retornados como Json |2|0|0|
|valida se tem body retornado |2|0|0|
|valida Status code 200 |2|0|0|

My Script : TestResult (7/7) -CORRECT

Hey @mikepradella

It sounds like it’s probably the same problem as this one:

This is an issue coming from Newman which doubles up the pre-request and test scripts when the collections include a pm.sendRequest() function.

If you feel it’s not that and something different, can you raise an issue on the repo please and we can work out what’s going on there :smiley:

hey @dannydainton.

yes , exactly the same problem!

I can´t include an image, to demonstrate.

Sorry, new users can not upload images.

Unfortunately, that’s kinda out of my control as I don’t own the data coming from Newman, I’m just presenting it in a different way.

Trust me, I would love to see this fixed as it’s starting to impact more and more people :confused:

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