HTML Reporter could not be loaded using packaged newman


I packaged newman into an exe using zeit/pkg utility.
I would like to export reports in html postman and I’m using this command:
newman -r cli,html --reporter-html-export

But I am getting error
“html” reporter could not be loaded. run npm install newman-reporter-html

I found this similar issue and installed newman-reporter-html globally. But still getting the same issue

My newman.exe works fine with cli & json. Is it because html reporter is now on a different project? How can I merge newman and html reporter into 1 exe file? I’m pretty new to this and I gladly appreciate any help and suggestions. Thank you very much.

Hey @ariance.medi,

Welcome to the Postman Community!! :rocket:

Would you be able to expand on the use case a little bit more, please?

Just trying to understand the reasons behind packaging Newman up as a .exe and how you are using that in your context?

Also, I would totally use the newman-reporter-htmlextra reporter because it’s awesome… :wink:

Hi dannydaiton,

Thanks for the welcomes! :grin:

We have an internal automation tool in Python that is not compiled (and just transfer the project folders when needed in other machines). The guy who started this packaged and used the newman.exe instead. I tried to play with the code to use the newman installed in the system but it wouldn’t execute and just ran many cmd.exe. Though system installed newman works fine in actual cmd. I’m pretty new in Python as well :grin:

I’ve used newman-reporter-htmlextra as well and it is really cool! Planning to include this in our tool soon :wink:

Big thanks!

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