Newman: “htmlextra” reporter could not be loaded

Hi I got a question
when I run my collection using newman
I got this
newman: “htmlextra” reporter could not be loaded.
please install reporter using npm
Any help? Thanks!

Hey @tohlaymui35,

I might be able to help here :grin:

Can you tell me more about the installation process you followed? They need to be installed at the same level.

How are you running Newman, locally from the Command Line? From Jenkins?

Which version of Newman and htmlextra do you have?

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thanks DannyDainton, I got this resolved by doing npm i newman-reporter-htmlextra -g

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@dannydainton I have installed it globally using npm i -g newman-reporter-htmlextra, But I keep getting the same error “htmlextra” reporter could not be loaded.
please install reporter using npm
My execute command in Jenkins looks like this - newman run abc.postmancollection.json -r htmlextra --reporter-htmlextra-export Report.html

can you try sudo su before install -g

This is a tricky one as that error message is a little misleading. There is a PR on the Newman project to change this and make things a little bit clearer but for now, all I can really suggest is to globally uninstall Newman and the reporter…then re-install both of them.

It a bit of a non answer but with know more about your setup, environmental details and context - It’s difficult to suggest anything else.

For installation use : sudo npm install -g newman-reporter-htmlextra

Execute command Eg : newman run abc.json -r htmlextra