Custom Reporters

Hey all,

I’ve tried and failed to create a new reporter for Newman.

It’s published to npm but there’s a problem with it somewhere and I think I’m too close to it too know where it is.

When I try and use the reporter with either a script or from the CLI, it keeps telling me that the reporter can’t be found.

I’ve also tried installing it globally but still no luck.
I used the latest version of Newman and I have node 10 / npm 6 installed on my Windows machine.

Could someone please take a look at the code and point out the obvious mistake that it’s failing on. :pensive:

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I was an idiot and missed a comma - even more of a fool for not having a linter :pensive:

I’ve exposed the ‘Skipped Tests’ in my newman HTML reporter - it’s kind of phase 1 at the moment and you can see the skipped tests but these are still not getting aggregated and show as a pass…thats phase 2 :grin:

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After a change in Newman v4.2.3, I’ll be pushing out a new version of my custom HTML reporter early next week, that will include the skipped tests for each request.