How to solve langauge problem when using collection runner?

Hello everyone

I having trouble when I try to running .csv file on Postman that contain Thai language.
The response url that have been send is displayed in unreadable format as shown on the picture below, which I assumed that it causing the API to return nothing on the response body section.

However, I try running directly without using collection runner, the result is in readable format.


How do I solved this problem?

Thank you in advance for your help


Hey Kay,

Make sure your CSV file is saved as UTF-8 (check with a file editor as Notepad++ or Atom).

I have created a CSV file with the Thai alphabet and had no issues. I hope this helps.


Hello vdespa

I did what you told me and it’s working!
Problem solved.

Thank you so much.


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@thanaphong.s I am glad this worked for you!

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