How to Send a Request repeatedly in postman flows?

I need to make a few calls to an endpoint to check when the status of something changes.

I have a Send Request flow, then an Evaluate block to evaluate the status. if it is true, I want to delay the flow for 5 seconds and send a new request to the first block. It is not working. the flow stops right after the 5 seconds elapsed. No second request is send to the endpoint.

here is the flow.

Hi @rickersilva

Press the green pin icon in your send request block. Currently the block gets the value of the variable once and then never again which it why it doesn’t loop properly. Pressing the pin will tell it to always use that value.

You can also simplify the flow by putting what’s in your evaluate block into the If Block.

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Thank you @flows-daniel I didn’t know that and now t works. I had a hard time getting an IF block working, and I’ll also try your suggestion.

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