Loop send request in Workflow


I see the potential of Postman Flow can be a nice presentation for API call workflow.
I’m trying to create a simple workflow for an API work following the steps below.

  1. Call an API to create an asynchronous job.
  2. Loop call another API to check job status with a fixed delay.
  3. If the status is done call another API.

I’ve tried it but in the second round, the delay block is unable to trigger the send request block on step 2.

I’m not sure if it’s a bug. Or I’m using it with the wrong proposal?

Hi @panyaprach.jop

Could you include a screenshot of what you flow looks like so I can see what might be causing this issue?

@flows-daniel Check the image below.


Try putting the select for body.id before the job response variable then directly putting the variable in the second request and clicking the “pin” icon. See below for example (lat variable):

Variables in flows only “fire” once with their value so the loop will go once then never receive the job response variable input again. Pinning the value makes it “fire” every iteration of the loop.

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I’m try to fixed it but still stuck on the second round not trigger even if I remove delay block.


Just hit the “pin” icon on your two get variables, the icon should be a solid color instead of an outline.

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It’s work!!! Thank you very very much. I appreciate your quick response.

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