Loop stops executing randomly


I am appreciative of all the help from the community so far.

I am trying to set up a job to loop through the results of a request and send two requests based on criteria from the original request but it stops executing at a certain point for some reason and I cannot figure out why.

Here is my Flow

Close up of the loop

And here is my log

It just stops executing at the same truck VIN

Hi @legiuffre

A couple things I can suggest:

  1. Your delay blocks aren’t properly connected, it needs to have some data connected to it to delay it’s transmission. See the below image:

  2. A lot of the time if the loops are causing issues, it’s best to make a copy of your flow (duplicate in the flows selection pane by clicking the three dots) and then replace using variables with using the values directly with a select block instead to see if that’s the issue.

Hello again

I am trying to do what you said and got to the second part of your suggestion but it doesn’t appear I can connect my select statements to the next Send Request block as seen in this article: Send data between blocks in a Postman Flow | Postman Learning Center

Am I doing something wrong? How do I move the values from my select statements into the Send Request?

Hello again

I had to recreate the flow from scratch to get it to work the way you advised but the loop is still stopping. Here is my new setup

Last part that is cut off from above to show the end of it:
I imagine I am not using the If correctly however I am not sure I understand how they are fully supposed to work within the context of what I am trying to do


I annotated the flow you have, connect all the ports circled in purple from the green port instead of the red port.:

The reason this is likely happening is because the ports in purple are being triggered every iteration, whereas the other input is coming through only when the condition is true.

If you’re still having issues after making the change, feel free to send me a DM and we can setup a debugging call to see what else might be causing this.

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