Flows - unable to call same request in a loop

I have the following request flow

  1. Invoke Auth API
  2. Extract AuthToken from 1
  3. Invoke a query API to create a query job
  4. Extract the queryID from 3
  5. Invoke a query status API
  6. Extract the queryStatus from 5
  7. If block to check if Status = “COMPLETE”
  8. If COMPLETE show output
  9. If INCOMPLETE, invoke 5 after a delay of 5 secs

Step 9 does not work more than once. After the first call to check status, when the query is incomplete the delay block is executed and the query API call is invoked but Run stops after that. Why is Flow not looping until query is COMPLETE?

Hey @avionics-saganist-40

Are you able to share an example image of your flow, please?

Had to beak it into 2 parts

Some of the blocks are duplicated. It’s my attempt to get it to work. Doesn’t make any sense but common-sense sometimes doesnt seem to apply when working with Flows. Sorry! But that’s been my experience and I have complained about it and communicated my frustrations to the non-intuitive nature of flows to Postman engineers.

Hello from Postman Flows engineering :wave:

Sorry about your frustrating experience. I will reach out over dm to debug this with you.