How to save the collection without update the documentation page?

I have a collection and a documentation which is automatically generated when i save it.
But i dont want the documentation page to update every time when i save the collection.

Is there any way to solve it?

Thank you.

Hi @vinicius.souza,

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The documentation updates everytime you update the collection as per the workflow. Unfortunately, there is no way to disable it.

But I believe this documentation is private and can only be viewed by you since all collections are initialized with the private view. However, you must explicitly opt to publish your documentation for it to be available publicly.

This link here should help you know more on the same.

Thank you!

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@vinicius.souza As @subramanya.raj mentioned, that isn’t possible.

A suggestion that I’d like to share is that you can fork the collection.

And you can update the forked collection as you like and when you’re done with all the new changes, you can merge them back into the main collection.