Documentation applies to all collections

I have many collections in my team, and I thought I could create unique documentation for each collection as well as for each request in each collection. Recently, when creating documentation for a new collection, the changes are made to all collections in the team. Is this new? Is it expected? Any idea what I’m doing wrong? My process is to click the right-pointing arrow of the collection I want to document in the collection explorer at left (above the “more actions” ellipses) to open the documentation editing window.

Hi @joshsf!

When you say all Collections on the team are affected, do you mean anyone with a copy of (e.g.) your Misc Collection?

If you’ve shared this Collection to multiple workspace, then you and your team mates are in effect all editing the same Collection. If you need to have discreet copies, you and/or your team mates can Duplicate the Collection from the ellipsis menu (...).

Hi, @john-paul,

Thanks for the response! I mean, the documentation for all collections in the collection explorer contains the same documentation I meant to write for just one collection. If I expand the window of any collection, I see the same documentation. Shouldn’t each collection be able to have it’s own documentation? When I click on the “View on web” button, I do see the original documentation I wrote for that collection, so it looks like a bug within the Postman app, possibly. After playing around with it, I can sometimes get the documentation to repopulate correctly, but most times not. Not sure what the magic combination is yet.

I do share the team with multiple people, but it’s not an issue of others having a copy of the same collection.

Does that make sense?


I’ve determined the issue I am seeing is buggy behavior in the Postman app. I still haven’t identified the sequence of clicks necessary to display documentation correctly in the app, but it can be done quasi reliably by just clicking on and off the collection a number of times.

Hi @joshsf,

That definitely isn’t the expected behavior.

Would you mind opening a ticket with us?