How to run Collection with N no.of APIs with CSV data file

I have 5 APIs in my collection. am able to run it through postman collection runner for all APIs at static data. But i want to use dynamic data for all APIs. for 1 API am able to run multiple iteration through json or csv.

If i add all 5 APIS data in a single CSV file then 5 APIS data will be 5 rows then collection is running 5X5= 25 times in that 20 iterations are with wrong data. it is fetching 1 data line with complete collection APIs. this is actually wrong because it has to match the API with API data.

please let me knpw how we can use dynamic data for all APIs in the collection. for ex:

my collection name: Sample test
API1 — i/p: userid, token
API2 — i/p: mobile,username
API3 — i//p: username,collectioname,router

Iteration 1:
API1 – i/p: userid, token
API2 – i/p: userid, token
API3 – i/p: userid, token

API1 – i/p: mobile,username
API2 – i/p: mobile,username
API3 – i/p: mobile,username

API1 – i/p: username,collectioname,router
API2 – i/p: username,collectioname,router
API3 – i/p: username,collectioname,router

but it should run actually 3 times.

@sgidla Did you get the ans. for this?

Hi @sivcan I have also the same type query can you help me out in this?