Run the two API's for the multiple iterations in sequence

Hi All,
I am trying to run the multiple data in a single CSV file to compare the two API response result with each other, but while running the collection the data are getting selected in sequence order.
e.g : multiple store details in single CSV file the first & second API should proceed with first store number in the file and proceed with the next store number.

But for me the iterations are getting shuffled so unable to compare with two API for the same request.

It would be nice to include a screenshot of what you have so far to add the context.

Can you also include an example of the CSV file you are using to drive the collection runner?

An example response for each of the API’s would also be appreciated.

It’s not clear whether you have two requests in a folder (For the two API’s?)

Or you want to run the same request multiple times based on the data in the CSV file.

I’m assuming its the first case, where you have two requests in a folder\collection.

All you should really need to do is have the test data required to run both requests on a single line in the CSV file.

To give you a better answer, ideally we need a bit more context and the screenshots and example responses would go a long way in relation to clarification.

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