How to send multiple parameters to a GET API request using PostMan using collection runner

Hi All,greetings. We all know how to use a CSV file in a collection runner to a POST MAN API request . How to send a multiple parameter value to the same API ? e,g a,b to a POST MAN API GET request.
Please kindly note you can parameterized a rest api call with {{id}} however the case with I need to send multiple values of the same type so will thus call work
{{Id}} ,{id}} then how can we construct the csv file in this case . The first col value is the first element second col would be the second element . Is this so ?

Thanks a Lot

Yes, you can send multiple column values to the same api from the same Csv file just like the case in which you are using one column.

Thank you gopikrishna

On top of above question, i have a query.
I have a collection with 5 tests.3 of the test has multiple data which i have put in a same csv ( under different column header). I am able to run successfully for each of the data records and results showing as iteration1, iteration 2 etc…
How to avoid the 2nd iteration run for a test case when the test data for this test is not picked from csv data file?
(ie) just 1 test run from the hardcoded data from tests.