Can we use different reporter with Postman CLI?

Newman can run my collections and output the result in various report formats. I have read postman cli documentation and nowhere reporters are mentioned. It seems postman cli only sends result to Postman app. I would like to know if different reporters are possible with postman cli

I use newman to run tests, since it hasn’t been updated for many months it seems postman cli is the future. I was comparing newman and postman cli and I couldn’t find reporters for postman cli

There is no command line option for postman to output result in a format of my choosing.

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Hi @aakash.gupta

This is being looked into;

Any update on this , we are also looking for Html Report generation with Postman CLI

Specifying custom reporters would be great but as a temporary work around, does anyone know how to export the resulting data of a postman-cli run?

Right now the closest thing I can get is piping the output of postman-cli into another command but it’s messy. Any hints or suggestions?