How to retrieve collections not linked to any workspace?

Question for Kin:
I discovered I have a lot of collections in Profile / My Collections, but only few of them are used in workspaces. I would like to know if there is an easy way, given a collection, to know if it belongs to a workspace or not, so that I can keep it or delete it.
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You can do this using the Postman API. You need to:

  1. List all collections associated with your user.
  2. List all collections associated with all your workspaces.
  3. Locate all collections from step 1 that aren’t present in step 2.

This can be a little cumbersome. I created a script that uses postmanctl and jq to help out. You’ll need to install both tools, which should work cross-platform. The script, however, will need to be modified for Windows.

The script is here:

This will only list the collection UIDs. You can use postmanctl to get more details: postmanctl describe collection <uid>.

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Hi Kevin,

Thanks a lot for your help!

I have installed your tool but failed when configuring the API key.

Do you have an example of the expected content for



Thks again!



An example config file is here:, but you don’t have to edit this directly.

Here are instructions for configuring access: You’ll need a Postman API Key to add to your configuration, which can be generated here:

Hope that helps.



Hi Kevin,

I succeed in having the list of orphans and could compare and check it is correct!

Thanks a lot


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