How to know what to fix when the tests fail

Hello, I’m new here. :wave:
I tried to finish the Postman training. Yet, I got 9/11 tests passing after running the GET request on my generated link.
Now my question is, how can I find out what parts should I fix in order for the tests to pass? I think the tests titles are not enough to indicate that.

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@Ikdemm Warm welcome to the Community :partying_face:

So I believe that you are talking about the “Student Expert Program”, under the failed test cases section , you will see the failed ones.

If you need more to know why they are failing, under the “Tests” section of your “Test Collection”,

You can locate your failed Test case Names, and try to understand what went wrong. You are almost there, just two are failing and you can really get there :bouquet:

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Hello there!
If you go to the Tests tab, you can see what the test (known by the title) is checking out (in the JavaScript code) and then you have a clue on what to change/fix.
Hope this helps!


Hello, thank you so much for the reply.
Actually, I am aware that I can check the tests tab and see which ones are not passing. I was looking for a way to know which requests need to be fixed instead of going through them again.
Thank you anyways. I appreciate it :slight_smile:

Thank you so much. This helps a lot. :pray:
I will try to go through the requests again. It is a bit frustrating though.
It would’ve been awesome if we could know which specific ones are not passing.