How to give custom name for the html report which is generated by htmlextra plugin of postman

Here i’m running a postman collection runner using newman along with html report generation.

newman run <My_collection> -d <path_to_csv> --reporters=cli,htmlextra --reporter-htmlextra-title “<title_of_report>”

By hitting above command it is generating html report with the name of <collection_name>-2019-08-29-06-57-55-131-0.html

Now, i want to give a custome name for that report. How i can do that? any suggestions appreciated

Hey @chinna92,

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You can use the --reporter-htmlextra-export "myNewReportName.html" cli flag to specify the name and directory location of the report.

By leaving this off the newman run command, it will create a new HTML file in the Newman directory and give it the default report name.

More information can be found here:

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@dannydainton Thanks a lot

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