Newman htmlextra report generates a file with no extension and 0kb size

Hi @dannydainton ! I’m running the following command through the node.js CLI:

newman run -r htmlextra,cli

The output is the following:

The CLI reporter is running perfectly with all tests passing, as such:
Please advise on what I am doing incorrectly. Thank you very much!

Suraj B:
Windows 10
Postman 7.16.0
Node.js 13.6.0
NPM 6.13.6
Newman 4.5.7
htmlextra 1.9.2

Hey @suraj.b,

If you haven’t specifically set a path for the export/final report, it will be placed into the Newman directory. That will be created in the same directory that you ran the command from. Are you sure there isn’t any other Newman directory?

You can add the --newman-reporter-export <path.html> flag and send the report to a specific location.

What’s the name of the Collection, I saw a few issues before with certain names not being a valid file name, the default output creates a report with the collection name as the filename.

Hey @dannydainton!

Nothing was working until:

  • I uninstalled Postman (used zsoft remover and ccleaner pro to scrub the regs as well)
  • Used Eraser to scrub all the relevant files and folders clean
  • Used windows disk cleaner to clean all ‘System Files’
  • Restarted my PC and downloaded Postman again
  • Recreated each request from scratch
  • Got a new link for the collection
  • Used the new link to run:
    newman run -r htmlextra,cli

Thanks for the tips btw, I am now using them and someone on my team is now using your guide on uploading htmlextra reports to S3 to set up something similar on MS Sharepoint for our client.

I also found your following comment at this link really helpful: “If you use the --reporter-htmlextra-export ./newman/myReport.html flag, it will overwrite the report each time and save it with that filename. You can obviously name that file whatever you like and point it to a better directory.”

You are doing a great service to us and the community, thank you very much for you help. Hope it’s ok to create a new topic and reach out again if we have any other questions?


Suraj and Team

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Awesome!! Glad to see it working for you!!

If you or your team have any questions, feel free to ping me. :trophy:

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