How to get the URL to use in the POSTMAN to pass a POST req?

So im trying to register to a website. which can only be done via a wallet (metamask that i use). So if you know how a wallet works it asks us to sign a message when connecting to the website. i wanna try registering via the API, which i think i can do via the POSTMAN. so im doubtful of which url i should use when passing the request? will i be needing any API token from the website itself to pass a POST req to register ?

The only way we would know that is if we have used that specific API.

What have you tried so far?

If you can share the API spec or documentation, it might give us half a chance to help but that should be your starting point.

How confident that you are able to do this, or that you are even allowed to do this with metamask? You might want to check the terms and conditions first as this sounds like a security feature, and you might not be able to access the API directly.

If the API documentation exists and is public, then that might the first indicator of how possible this is.

If the API documentation is not public, then its likely that you aren’t meant to access the API’s directly.