How to capture a website API

Dear All,
I am need to Postman, i want know how i can capture the APIs of an application which has username and password

On my systems, I generally have a login API, where the user is posting his username/Password and gets a “sessionID”, which is just a big one-time string that I store in the database next to his account. Then it’s either added right in the URL as a query string or in the header or in the JSON posts, depending on the system.

If you’ve got a system where you’re not in control of the backend, you’ll need to ask them.

Hi @velbon17006,

If you’re new to Postman and looking for a good online tutorial, I’d recommend Pluralsights Postman course Pluralsight is a paid service but they have a free trial which should cover the length of the course. Plus, please take the time to look through our documentation