My first Post with external platform

Hello, everybody,
excuse my English.

I’m new at this, so maybe my questions will be stupid.

I work as an affiliate and would like to try to create an API request for the service I use.
Let me explain what I would like to do and how I tried to do it.

The steps are simple.
1.Page with a form on my website with my hosting.
2.Form that sends the data to the “postman”…I guess :slight_smile:
3.The postman sends the data to the service I use.

For example within the affiliate program I use I see an API section with this URL that would be called POST “Credo”.


Then he tells me to pass the parameters and there are a few, but there are necessarily two: the phone and the quantity.

At this point I go into Postman and create a new request.
I insert the url suggested by Worldfilia and add 4 keys with 4 parameters.

When I try to send, and I look into the body gives me a series of errors, as if I had not filled in the phone and the amount.
But didn’t I add them to the table above?
Isn’t that enough?
Excuse my ignorance.

Thank you all who would like to give me more information on how to work with bees.

Hi @susannamartini80

Welcome to the community.

I’ve had a quick look and you want to send JSON data in the “raw” section of Postman not query parameters.

See my example for a successful response: