Creating a callback URL to work with an API

I’m just starting with postman as I am connecting to an API that use postman. They have asked I create a callback URL in order to use the api. Could someone help me understand how to go about this please? Thanks in advance

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Could you provide more details and context, please?

Not sure I understand the ‘connecting to an API that use Postman’ part?

A callback URL, more often than not, refers to some form of Authentication, is that involved here?

Hi Danny,

Yes, I’ve been asked for a callback URL in order to use API which uses auth 2.0.

They have said “Our default Postman collection REST API Callback URL” has been registered to my app (which is what I will be using their api with).

Following that they are asking for a callback URL. I came across another post where someone on the same programme was asking about it (but without an answer), so assuming I need to do something on Postman.

Depending on how that’s been set up, the Auth help at the Collection/Folder/Request level for OAuth 2.0, will show the Callback URL that have been set for your application.

If you were using the Web version, that would have been slightly different as that cannot be changed/edited:

The Callback URL is the URL that the authentication will redirect to after a success, and its needs to be setup in your OAuth application otherwise the authentication will fail to redirect.

This would usually be your web application, but in this situation Postman is emulating the web application so you will need to add the Postman URL as shown in Danny’s second screenshot as one of the registered Callback URLs for the OAuth application. You can have more than one but Postman needs to be in the list otherwise it won’t know where to send the token (or rather it will be rejected as its not a registered call back address).

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