How to best set up my Team?

Hi all,

I’m looking for some tips on how to best set up a Team space given users are only allowed to be on one Team. (Can I be on more than one Postman team? – Postman) How would you go about setting this up?

Use case:

We have many internal projects (10-ish), and are contracted to maintain some external projects. We have both internal APIs and external ones that we consume.

  • Non-Profit Organization has a fairly stable internal team of 4 tech staff.
  • Tech staff from other organizations collaborate with us on shared projects
  • We work with freelance contractors on multiple projects

Eg. On one project we are partnered with another organization. We maintain a site with an API for them that they create custom apps with. We want a shared TEST collection for the API that they can maintain and we can use. Their tech team has other projects on the go and would prefer not to be only on our Postman Team.

Another internal project has us working with an external developer building an app for another API we created. We expect they have other contracts and do not want to be on only our team, yet we would like them to maintain the TEST collection for the apps they are working on.

These external devs do no not need to see other projects we work on, but it is not a requirement.

Brand new to Postman teams so perhaps I’m missing some obvious concepts here or just need to adjust our needs. It sounds like currently we need to ask external users to either just be on our team or to create separate accounts for each team. Other ways to approach this?

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