Understanding Teams in Postman


We are investigating the paid plans of Postman and have a question regarding Postman Teams.

My assumption is that for for an organisation only one Team can exist in Postman regardless of the pricing plan(Basic, Professional or Enterprise).

If a very large organisation has multiple teams then they have 2 options.

  • Create Team workspaces and provide access to different team members via those workspaces.
  • Using an enterprise version and then creating groups based on that thus having more control.

Is this assumption correct ? I have spent time reading the documentation and it was not very clear and hence the question.Thanks for your response.

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Hi @ntarunmenon, welcome to the community forum!

That is correct. A few added points:

  • From the Professional plan you can also use Private Workspaces (which would make sure only specific team members have access to its content) and leverage SSO if you’re in a large organization.
  • The Enterprise plan would also offer Domain Capture (useful for large orgs to make sure everyone in your company is under the same umbrella), and governance for the content that is being shared publicly.

If you’d like more info I’d recommend reaching out to sales using this form: https://www.postman.com/company/contact-sales/

Hope this helps!