How to Best Ask Questions on Community to Get the Answers You Need

Hello! Welcome to the Postman Community forum. We want you to get the most out of the forum as possible; your questions help others learn too. Here are best practices and forum etiquette to assist getting the answers you need. :rocket:

Update: Using public workspaces to share your problem makes getting support even more easily. Here’s how.

  • Search First: Thanks to the great Postman community, there are many answers for common questions already accessible. Try searching for keywords related to your inquiry; even if your exact question hasn’t been asked, similar posts may give clues to get you on the right track.

Here’s an example to get started:

  • Use a descriptive title: Keep it specific; briefly summarize your problem and your ask. If you’re having trouble summarizing, consider adding the title last.

  • Choose the best category:

    1. “Help” is the most frequented category, but it’s not the only place to try.

    2. “Just Getting Started” is the perfect place for judgment-free questions while you learn Postman.

    3. If you’re looking for help with a specific inquiry, Help and Just Getting Started is where you should go. The other channels, such as “from the experts” and “RFCs” aren’t support channels, so your question may not be seen by other users looking to help out.

    4. If you’re proud of what you’re working on and want to share it with us, “Community Showcase” is the category for you.

    5. Have a high level question about Postman as a whole? Try the “General Discussion” category.

  • Tag your topic: Using relevant tags to your topic helps people to search for answers to similar questions

  • Introduce the question: Explain what problem you’re trying to solve, how you encountered it, and the steps you’ve taken to solve the issue thus far. The clearer your question, the more likely you’ll receive help. Give an overview of the problem before adding screenshots or code.

  • Add screenshots and specific details: Adding screenshots and examples goes a long way for others to understand your problem. Code, collections, data dumps, console errors, screenshots or gifs may be useful to add.

  • Don’t forget to format your code blocks! It makes it much easier to read. But please don’t include any sensitive information in either the code or your screenshots. To format your code blocks, use three backticks on the line before and the line after.

✓ Do share: The Postman App, Chrome, and Operating System version you’re using

✓ Don’t share: Sensitive information like auth tokens and passwords

To add a screenshot:

You can add a screenshot to your post once you have input your title and chosen a category. Click the upload button in the editor console and select an image from your local files. You can also drag and drop a file from your local machine. Or, If you add a URL with a .jpg extension, it will render the image.

  • Share how you encountered the problem: Let us know how you reached the problem to begin with. What’s the context?

  • List your previously attempted solutions: Explain what you’ve already tried so we don’t suggest those options too. Knowing what you’ve tried already will provide additional information for troubleshooting.

  • Proof-read: Check your post for grammar and spelling errors both before you post and after posting your question. Don’t be afraid to post if you’re not comfortable with English, though. Consider having a friend or peer review your post to help.

  • Check in: Keep your eye out for the response to your question. When someone responds with help, keep the conversation going! A dialogue about the issue may help other users experiencing the same problem.

  • Mark the solutions: If you find a solution, post a follow-up so that others can learn too. Mark the question as solved by checking the solution option.

Happy posting!

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Somebody had to write this. :clap:


I think “mark the solutions” is the biggest tip I’ve learned while compiling this post (and using other forums :nerd_face:). Do you have any additional suggestions @vdespa? :trophy:

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I do… :joy:

Please put all code snippets in a code block :pray:t2: - It makes it about a million times easier to read :grin:

Just bookend it with 3 backticks on the line before and the line after…job done. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


To be honest, I wanted to write a blog post titled “Why nobody is answering your questions” (or something like that).

The question is how to make this blog post of yours a mandatory read.


“help us to help you” :grin:


I made those instructions more prominent for you Danny :yum:

@vdespa if you are so inclined, I am sure that blog post would help too! I’m still working out ways on how to share this more widely too. It will help everyone!

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@browngirl Please create a new topic and follow the instructions mentioned above so we can help you the best we can. :slightly_smiling_face:


@security-geologist-8 Please create a new topic and follow the instructions mentioned above so we can help you the best we can. :smiley:


Hey folks,

I’ve updated this post to include the recommendation for using public workspaces. I also linked the Using Public Workspaces to Get Help with Postman. If you’re new to the forum and are reading this, you can also find that post by clicking the hand icon in the top nav.



Super helpful and clear post, @hannah.neil ! Helping others to help them get help is pretty meta… :grinning: