Using Public Workspaces to Get Help with Postman

Using Public Workspaces

We have a new way to get you the answers you need: let’s just go straight to the source. When you’re asking for help, consider sharing your collection publicly (and safely!) using public workspaces.

Sharing screenshots and code snippets is like a spotlight, revealing one potential trouble spot. Sharing your collection for troubleshooting is like turning on a light so we can see the whole room. We don’t have to guess in the dark anymore.

TL;DR: You’ll move the collection to a public workspace. Grab the collection URL and share it in your post so that we can problem solve together in an actual environment.

:exclamation: Be sure to remove your sensitive information like API keys

How to Share your Work Via Public Collections

Create a public workspace

Create a public workspace for your forum troubleshooting. You could call this Demos, Forum, Discourse, Help, anything. For this sake of this exercise, let’s call it Forum Help.

Resource: creating workspaces documentation

Share your collection to your new workspace

Go to the collection in question, fork it, and share it to your new Forum Help workspace.

:eyes: :key: Don’t forget to remove sensitive information like API keys! You can save the variable at the collection level but remove the values so that you don’t reveal your secrets

Comment on your trouble spots

In that collection, switch to commenting mode, and highlight your questions, concerns, and trouble spots.

Resource: commenting on collections documentation

Craft your post

Please still be as descriptive as possible in the post itself--the public workspace does not replace a clear request for help. Following these guidelines will help get you the answers you need. A recap:
  1. Use a descriptive title
  2. Choose the best category
  3. Tag your topic
  4. Introduce the problem, how it was encountered, and previously attempted solutions
  5. Link to your public workspace

Link to your collection in your post

Get the public link to your collection and share it in your post. Remember to still be specific in your description. Your collection doesn’t replace the context we need.

Now go ahead and click that create post button!

How to Help Others

So, you want to help answer questions? (First off, thanks!) There are a few ways to help. You can:
  • Comment on the collection in question
  • Fork the collection, troubleshoot in your own workspace, and submit a PR with changes
  • Replicate the issue or mock a different approach
  • Share a public collection of your own that could point the original poster in the right direction

There are some great public workspaces that support Postman learning. If you need inspiration, take a look at these two examples: Postman Answers, built by the Postman team comprises collections and code samples for FAQs on this forum and @praveendvd 's Postman Tricks and Tips collection, one of the shining first examples from our community.

Happy sharing!


Yay public workspaces! Help us help you!


The notification informing if we accidentally added key to public workspace is fabulous , loved it tho we could have an option to add specific key to ignore list when user adds to on purpose . :clap::heavy_heart_exclamation:


@Mitul_3737 you can follow this guide to create a public workspace, fork your collection into it with comments on appropriate lines and share it on the forum for easy troubleshooting.